If you would be open to knowing about the best available candidates, you should work with Impact Solution as many of the best candidates are not responding to employment ads, searching job websites or reading mass recruiting emails. On the contrary, we can provide exceptional candidate matches by engaging candidates in actual conversations and presenting your opportunity. We can find passive candidates focused on long term employment and motivated to do the best job possible.

Our consistent candidate contact provides us the ability to provide passive candidates in a matter of days or even hours versus weeks or months. Our methods put our clients in touch with a short list of the best available candidates. We strive to uncover truly interested candidates and as a result, ninety percent of the employment offers we present are accepted.
Client employers can anticipate the following from our expert team:

  • Search results from our local 50,000 candidate database
  • Proprietary candidate generation capabilities
  • Tenacity, honesty, respect, confidentiality and accountability
  • Consultative advice to make an informed hiring decisions
  • A money back guarantee

You can start by giving us a call or by submitting your contact information, position description and any helpful company information in the form to the right. We will also need to discuss the attractive features of your company and the open position(s) to attract the gainfully employed, skilled, and non-disgruntled candidates.

"I want to take this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoy working with Amanda. She continues to be persistent in her searching, detailed in her processes, timely in her follow-ups and always accessible, either by phone or e-mail. Amanda has a thorough understanding of our positions as well as our culture and consistently has provided some of our top candidates. Mat was recently placed with us through Amanda‚Äôs help and he continues to excel here. We look forward to bringing Mark on board as well as continuing to work with Amanda for our current and future openings."—
Human Resource Manager, Manufacturing Company