Since 1996, Impact Solution’s mission has been to be the premier permanent placement Engineering and Information Technology Recruiting firm in Wisconsin. We strive to partner with and provide the ultimate candidate and employer experience. We realize the importance of listening, gaining trust and putting others’ needs first while working tirelessly in the best interests of our candidates and clients.

We constantly seek new and efficient methods and resources to maximize the success of those we work with. Our methods empower us to uncover career opportunities that candidates may never see as well as candidates that employers may never see. We make the matches that would otherwise not happen. We do the hard work of getting in touch with the right people, one person at a time. There are easier ways to do what we do but none with better results.

Confidentiality, discretion and trust are critical components to our integrity and success. We feel we have a strong responsibility to honor any and all privacy requests. We do not post specific company or candidate information on our website. Unlike other firms, we do not sell or purchase contact information nor do we mass email candidate resumes without permission.

If we can be of assistance or if you know of anyone would could benefit from our services, please contact us by giving us a call or by submitting your contact information in the form to the right.

"I want to take this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoy working with Amanda. She continues to be persistent in her searching, detailed in her processes, timely in her follow-ups and always accessible, either by phone or e-mail. Amanda has a thorough understanding of our positions as well as our culture and consistently has provided some of our top candidates. Mat was recently placed with us through Amanda’s help and he continues to excel here. We look forward to bringing Mark on board as well as continuing to work with Amanda for our current and future openings."—
Human Resource Manager, Manufacturing Company